5 Ways You Can Contribute In Quarantine

2020 is nothing like what any of us expected it to be, but for those of us that can still contribute, we should. If you need some advice on how to help, here are five.

1. Stay Inside

With a virus that is spreading through the air and physical contact, so it is imperative that you stay inside. Keeping your contact with others to a minimum is what will slow the spread of the virus and assure more people will not get sick. Do your part and stay at home unless it is absolutely necessary.

2. Volunteer or Donate From Home

Organizations around the country are trying to help those who have been affected by the virus. New York is the epicenter of the disease, puts a lot of stress on the city, so if you can ease someone else's stress why not do so. People around the city could use any extra supplies you may have at home or food. Times are hard for everyone, but organizations like Serv NY and Volunteer Match are still looking for volunteers. If you want to hit closer to home look at local organizations and see if they need anything.

3. Make Masks With Fabric Laying Around

No Sewing Machine, no problem. There are a number of ways you can make a mask from things laying around the house. Like bandanas and hair ties Retailers like Michael's are providing information on ways to create masks. If you do have a sewing machine, maybe this is your opportunity to start a side business. There are hundreds of videos all over the internet that are teaching people how to do just that. Youtube may be your best bet, but this may also be a time to get innovative as well. What can you do to make your mask different?

4. Make Goodies For Essential Workers

People from around the world have rallied to support the medical workers and vendors that are on the front lines of the virus, with food, more food, and masks. If