A Call To Re-think How We Consume

Fashion or clothes for that matter have been a symbol of wealth, status, and taste for centuries. In medieval times, dresses and jewels were the names of the game, but back then people didn't own nearly as many clothes as your average American. So what all has changed since then? Well, there are more people on the Earth for one and two we produce clothing out of synthetics at an ungodly rate. Every country that can still conduct business in less than safe conditions does just that.

So what would life be like if we all wore the same outfit every day? Not only would it every day feel like a weird Stephen King novel, but it would be equalizing and uninspired. The evolution of clothing has led to long term issues when it comes to its environmental impact. With the creation of fast fashion and fashion months taking over entire cities at a time with events, the industry rarely slows down.

Due to the recent outbreaks of coronaviruses, specifically in Milan, there has been talk about change. So think to yourself as an individual how do you consume? Do you purchase out of need or want? Are you wanting things more than you are needing them? Though there are serious questions about the economy and businesses having to change the way they market, this is the time to think of more efficient and sustainable ways to work. So while corporations are questioning themselves, question yourself as well and think of ways you how you can be a better consumer.