A New Yorker's Quarantine Diary

Not Day One | 4:46 pm

Though my efforts to steer away from the blog like template have been spurned by COVID-19, my confidence oddly increases. I have always been a homebody so being quarantined has not been much of a challenge for me. But what reminds me that this is by no means an average day is the piercing silence outside. I hear the birds chirp in the morning, an ambulance on occasion and distant horns. The natives and newcomers to the neighborhood that usually crowd the street are not having their evening conversations. There are no kids running about as they enjoy their after school playtime nor the large truck blasting music on my block.

My apartment is even quiet; the roommate who is commonly the most disruptive has gone back to his hometown. It is a bittersweet peacefulness because while I love that the chaos of my everyday life has come to a halt, I am aware of the cause. I cannot say that this was not a much-needed break for the people that don't get the privilege of working at home, but for others, it is more chaotic than usual. The question everyone is asking themselves "Is this really happening?"

All of those end of the world movies like Contagion, World War Z and I AM LEGEND are we there? Not saying that anyone has come back from the dead and maybe this is the Earth just trying to regulate itself, but you wonder. Around the country, there is public panic and with resources starting to look stretched I cannot help but wonder I am underprepared. In these times I am doing my best to stay level headed by taking up yoga, meditation, and even just some dancing.

Multi-photo layered photo using digital, print and art to create greater work.
Brooklyn Morning at the Faena w/ Auntie

Constant contact with my parents also has been getting me through this because I am trapped in the city. My mother and one sister are bunkered down in Los Angeles whereas my father and other sister are up in the desert I call home. I imagine being in the deserts of California would be ideal right about now, open space and fresh air.

Though stuck inside I remind everyone to not let these streams of thought panic you or stop you from participating in the everyday. I have found myself doing a lot that I hesitated doing beforehand, so in the darkness do what you can to find the light.

Brooklyn to Budapest to Beijing the world is not going to be the same after this and I encourage everyone to accept it while staying grounded in themselves.