Down in The Ditty

Where do the kids that aren’t actually kids, but instead 20-something-year-old adults go to have fun and reclaim their youth? The answer for any New Yorker should be The Ditty in Astoria, Queens. The venue speaks for itself, a hip bar with low lighting, wood furnishings, string lights across the ceiling and an interesting menu line-up. The bar is stocked with board games, a projector screen for movie screenings and a small TV with Super Mario Brothers ready to go. Patrons of this bar are coming to let go, in a sense forget about the hustle and bustle that is the city.

With the amount of people in the place you couldn’t imagine it was a Tuesday night the bar was full of vibrant people, who were ready to enjoy Wednesday’s snow day. Though mostly men in the bar at the time the movie was going and the drinks seemed bottomless. This is the kind of environment that any pre-snow day New Yorker would travel to be in. The Ditty caters to that old family cabin vibe that everyone longs for when they don’t have the funds to plan a getaway to Prague. From the large corner booth to the enclosed patio, the energy in the room was clean and full of life.

The menu is full of an interesting twist of some comfort food classics like hot pretzels, chicken strips with fries, burgers, shrimp tacos, etc. What makes them so special is they have added ingredients such as turmeric, chili powder, honey and a special mix of seasoning and that’s just the chicken strips. This is a place to reclaim what it feels like to be a kid and well who wouldn’t want that?

It is a magical scene, whose bar looks like they have fireflies

lined up and floating in mid air as the lovely bartenders whip up some artisanal drink. The vibes here are nothing but homey and leave you feeling like you have spent the night in a great place with great people who also just needed some time away from the hustle and bustle of the city.