Movement Method

If you have gone through the website you can see a video section that has only one short video in it. The reason for that is because I am still trying to hype myself up enough to put videos of me dancing on the internet again. However, what I like to describe my method of dance is more movement.

What I love about the art is there are its concentrations in certain forms Ballet, Hip Hop, Contemporary etc. But it is so much more than those styles and can be used for much more than amusement. Movement in my opinion is about freedom of the spirit and body. Letting the music take you somewhere else, where the only requirement is release. Other dancers know what I am talking about, for more principled dancers it is when you are told you get to freestyle.

So here are some ways you can incorporate movement into your everyday life.

1. Start Doing Small Exercises

Listen trying to get out of bed just to go to work is a struggle for some of us and though not the hardest task it can be draining. Besides walking, it should not be the only physical thing you do all day. Go for a brisk jog, do a few sit ups, or even put on some of your favorite tunes and spend some time just moving.

2. Classes Are Key

As someone who personally cannot stand the gym atmosphere I have found classes the most encouraging. Here is the thing also, you do not have to pay for all your classes in advance and in most places you do not need a membership. Classpass is an easy way to try out a variety of things till you find something you love.

3. Post Everyday Your Active

As humans that live in the social media age, we all have the tendency to over share on our stories and flaunt our. So why not make your social media a way to hold yourself accountable for doing that hike or going to the cycle class. Instagram is also a great tool to get connected with others on their fitness journey.

4. Use Your Commute

So it may take you a short train ride or long walk from the train in order to get home, so why not move a little more. Whether it is a mile of lunges, a quick sprint or a quick pick up game on your way home, it is a great window to get out there.

Though finding the time and motivation to move are hard, they are also a key part to staying healthy. A number of health issues most people contract later in life can be prevented by just a little movement. So this is also a little promise to not only myself, but any and all readers I have. Videos of me moving will be going up soon and this will begin my end of the year challenge. Throughout the next few months I will be choreographing, taping and posting multiple dance videos, so stayed tune. There is still so much more to come.