Naomi Campbell's Influence

Updated: May 5, 2020

Do you remember the first time you saw her? How it made you feel to see this dark-skinned goddess bless the runway with her presence? I think I was five the first time Naomi was presented to me and at the time being compared to Tyra Banks. Having seen America's Next Top Model of course in my youth I was all team Tyra, but as time went on Naomi Campbell was a name that meant something to me.

Naomi Campbell began modeling at the age of 15 in London and has since become of the world's greatest supermodels. In an excerpt from her book that the Guardian published back in 2016, she notes at a young age knowing she had to be better because of her race. She also goes on to talk about how lucky she was to have a group of people willing to fight for her. She notes times in her life when the pain of loss was overwhelming and points where she met notable political figures. Campbell has always wanted to be known as a well-rounded individual that is more than a pretty face.

Campbell is known for her active efforts in activism, her legendary strut, and activism. She is one of the primary examples of how a graceful, intelligent black woman can command authority while giving zero fucks about others. So how did this woman change the lives of black girls around the world, you may ask? Simple. By being an advocate for the black women's beauty and trying to push for progress. On her website, she notes a variety of organizations that she supports ranging from diversity in the fashion community and breast cancer awareness.

She changed my life when I saw her on the Fall 2011 cover of V Spain, being new to social media at the time I was amazed. I have been hooked on her narrative ever since not only did she inspire me to get into fashion editorial. I fell in love with the clothes, makeup, the runways, and the models who daunt the ensembles when I was five-years-old. So seeing such a prominent figure in fashion changed how I saw the industry.

"What makes a person is the ability to look at themselves and deal with their own lives," said Campbell.

Campbell is known for her introspection and being hyper-aware of how the world works. It always made me beg the question of if I am working hard enough for what I want. Campbell said it herself that black girls can't be good but have to be better. I suppose that is what I started the site, to begin with, is to put myself ahead. In five decades one of the original