Stranger Things: Season 3 Review

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

FINALLY, FINALLY, FUCKING FINALLY. The last time I watched Stranger Things I was neglecting the beautiful city of Rome, Italy to binge watch it. As many of you know, or maybe do not being a first time reader, so here I am again to brag about how I studied abroad two years ago. It was amazing, but so was seeing Eleven turn into a badass. So here we all are a few years along the line, seeing the kids grow in public, but not seeing any work. Which, honestly did get very hard to do for a minute.

Do you ever finally get something you have craved for a long time and think ugh I am so satisfied? That feeling of finally getting what I wanted, consumed me, as I cried on my little sister’s bed while the credits ran in the background. If you have not watched this season yet, STOP READING THIS IT IS FULL OF SPOILERS. If you haven’t caught on already, I am a Stranger Things fan. I am not too sure what it is about the monster spooks that I love so much, but it reels me in every season. What the Duffer Brothers are able to do successfully is keep their audience interested. From starting the season with the Russians to jumping to Elle’s bedroom as she and Mike are making out.

Not only does it pose a series of dynamics that will result in Hopper dying, but also shows the audience a vulnerability in the characters. Elle just wants to be a normal kid but is supposed to save the world. Mike is a little asshole who just wants for things to feel normal as well but he can’t fathom a life without Elle again, so he is overprotective of her. Lucas and Max are this cute little couple but both have siblings that are extra in their own ways that alter the story. Dustin thinks his friends don’t like him anymore, where Will missed a whole year of childhood and can’t let go of the overwhelming feeling of dread the whole season. The older characters are dealing with more real life issues like equality in the workplace and not knowing what the future will hold for them.

GET READY FOR MORE SPOILERS. The end of the second season is Eleven closing the gate between Earth and the Upside Down for good. With a lot of build up the opening scene for season three is a lab in Russia failing to open a gate they have there. The commander of the project witnesses fellow scientists die trying to open the gate, yet still demands that they have it open in a year. The scientist in charge named Alexi somehow Hawkins and opened the gate unleashing the Mindflayer. Who as we know was planning an attack on the kids as it watched over them at the winter dance, in season two. This was the main plotline in the story, but what never really made much sense was how the thing just that came through and was able to manifest. I am unsure if the Mindflayer was just a spirit that could manipulate any being it got into. Or if it was a creature that was unleashed at some point and it attracted other beings for them to transform. Resulting in this massive monster that attacked these kids in the mall, where the gate was open.

So now we have all these characters running around trying to further explain the odd things happening in town. The Russian guy that Hopper thought was sketch leaving the Mayor’s office. Joyce trying to figure out what the fuck is going on with all the magnets in her home. Then Dustin trying to decode this Russian code he picked up on while trying to radio his girlfriend. This is the beginning of a wild ride that will be season three. However, there were a number of things that I thought were pointless.

1. Dustin serenading his girlfriend while they are legit all about to die. I understand there needed to be a buffer between this time in order for Hopper to die in the explosion. I get it. But then again Hopper did not have to die, it was so unnecessary and maybe it will play out more in season four. Hopper was a key component of this whole crew and Elle’s real dad, after all she has been through why take that away from her?

2. Nancy locking herself in any room she could find while running away from the EIC of her town’s newspaper. This frustrated me to no end because there has to be at least a thousand ways to get out of the hospital; why put yourself in a corner to get caught? Just why!?