Spring in South Beach: Looks & Places

Miami is a magical place and not in the same way that Disneyland is, more adult yet just as freeing. From the vibrant bars that line South Beach to the quiet suburban neighborhoods where the loudest sounds are the crickets. Landed on a Friday morning the sun was beaming and the breeze was strong, it was about 72 degrees.

The beaches were filled with sisters fighting in french, runners, bridal parties, sunbathers and everyone else in between. Some would call Miami paradise, but more like a mirage. A place where you really just bask in the moment and try to hold on, until it disappears. The trip started with an Uber to the Airbnb, $280 in total so $140 each, it was a large house with 6 bedrooms, a huge front/backyard and an open kitchen with new stainless steel appliances. Ideally, this was a home for a family and probably the owner's childhood home.

Miami on somewhat of a budget does not have to be difficult as long as you plan in advance. Flights and Airbnb were only purchased a month in advance but price stalking became second nature. If you are trying to plan a trip for the low, don't only set that google reminder also be sure to check travel sites, discounts through employers or student discounts.

Food and drinks in Miami are fairly expensive if you are eating downtown or on South Beach. The Clevelander, a South Beach Hotel, is kinda like a siren's call. (A place you know if you go you will be sucked in forever ) A call that cannot go unanswered either, the people are always lively and the drinks out of this world. Of course, the DJ has all the bangers and time seems to just melt away there. RECOMMENDATION linking up with any promoters that you don't personally know is a dub. Issues being the places they are going you can more than likely find a way into for free and they will have limited booze.

Fat Tuesdays and Wet Willie's are known for their frozen beverages. If you are looking for a beautiful sun deck overlooking the streets and a big lunch, Willie's is your place. But if you are looking for somewhere with a little more grit, bangin music with big drinks, go to Fat Tuesdays. Not only would both places blow your mind, you will leave having had a good time.

Miami is an oasis lying in the crux of the south if you find yourself there enjoy yourself and make sure to put on sunscreen!