The Louis Experience

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

It was a rather average day for California, the sun was out and the air was light. We strode down Rodeo Drive with no intention of spending any money, but to witness the way the more privileged lived when we stumbled upon the Louis Vuitton X storefront. Curious to see what was going on we walked inside, the building had faux bright pink quilted walls and upon walking in we were greeted by a woman. She encouraged us to post all over social media and to really indulge in the exhibit they had set up. The first of its kind and all to celebrate 160 years of production and collaboration.

Here are six capucines that were released in LA at this exhibit.
Classic Capucines Re-Designed

It was an experience like no other, I have been in showrooms and museums before, but never a pop-up exhibit for just one particular designer. This was not a roll-out of anything new and yet it brought people in to see the magnificence that is Louis Vuitton. Each side of the exhibit highlighting a different phase for the fashion house. The designers involved in this creative display all made the Capucine their own; Sam Falls, Urs Fischer, Nicholas Hlobo, Alex Israel, Tschabalala Self, and Jonas Wood.

However, the trunk is where it all began were Louis, himself was an apprentice when he first began making the trunks in Paris. Eventually making a name for himself and creating his own line where the first Louis Vuitton monograms were displayed. Upon his death, his business was taken over by his son and so on. Presently there are heads of departments with Virgil Abloh being the artistic director of men's wear and Nicolas Ghesquière artistic director of women's wear. Throughout the exhibit, we saw gowns that stars have worn down the red carpets and bags that were begging to be adorned.

Each design portraying a different era of work for the fashion house. These dainty gowns were among my favorites. The femininity of each gown speaks to me as well as the bold embroidery. All of these gowns shout strong but sweet in a way most gowns like this just miss. The bright oranges and mixed with the sheer overlays are it.