The Pleasant Heel

It is very easy to get caught up in trends, especially if you love what fashion is able to invoke. One of the most prominent shoes of the 70's and 80's has made its return in 2019, the resurgence of the platform has been a long time coming. This shoe has always provided a good basis for style and comfort, though still a sky high shoe for the modern socialite.

Plenty of brands have recently adopted some kind of platform design this season and with their own special touch.

So I did a little research to find some of the hottest options. Jumping around the internet I found a number of platform heels made by everyone from Doc Marten to Gucci. Amina Muaddi who is hot among celebs like Rihanna and Kendall Jenner, the thirtysomething designer has made herself known for her flare heels. Muaddi said in a recent interview with UK Vogue that when she moved back to Italy she studied the art of the shoe making process.

These babies could be paired with a number of outfits, but I would love to be wearing these to the city with some faux leather lace up hot pants and a disco ball backless halter top. Graffic, maybe and if I could afford these babies you would be seeing said outfit on my instagram.

Gucci however has been on a different kind of vintage trend. From their new logo design being 70s-ish to re-incorporating ribbons and belts they are moving. They are aiming for the woman who may be rocking these in an italian villa with socks. A nice leather sling platform with a just straight block heel. The single strap makes versatile for day to night look.

Where Gucci did excel in cleanliness, they lost points in creativity. Though both luxury sandals cost around the same one you are paying for the uniqueness where the other you are clearly paying for the name.

The two pairs of platforms I own are from Steve Madden and a Nasty Gal brand. Madden a more household name is known for not sacrificing comfort when it comes to style, designed a very nice clog that can be worn with virtually anything. I have paired the shoe with a knit dress and a high braid for Sunday brunch and they were magnificent. Easy enough to walk in to take a nice stroll through Brooklyn and then again for a conference in Miami. My bulky white babies being a more edgy platform with two straps and a more stacked heel. I would not recommend them for walking but they really are comfy if you don't have to travel obscene walking distances.

More affordable brands have also made cute platform sandals for the non-heel wearer. With simple plush platforms, any outfit can become a little more chic. Doc Marten and Teva have pretty much cornered this market with their casual platform sandals, for the more sensible fashionista. Either way if you do not already own a pair do yourself a favor and invest in a good comfortable pair.