WET summer

Living in NYC is complicated enough with the legitimate THOUSANDS of other people that live here, which results in killer traffic. Yet, the universe is still managing to find another way to kill us by throwing some random ass summer showers. (I do know what climate change is, humans are the worst and need to make more active efforts to keep this planet clean. Thrift. Recycle. Eat Less Meat.) Alright my inner environmentalist can rest. With all of that being noted, navigating proper outfits is hard as fuck.

Currently, I am living in an Air BnB until my loft in Brooklyn in finished and that means I am living out of a bag. I never really miss my clothes until I don't have access to about 90% of it, don't take closets for granted y'all. As a result I curated a number of looks that work for this weather and the answer is sheer layers.

1. Palazzo Pants and Distressed Sweater

The palazzo is not in this season but we all have a pair laying around. These pants cover the goods, hug the goods and look good. The material usually used on these pants is light and this is great considering it is still about 70 degrees out.

Now the sweater, you don't want to have water dripping down your arms when you walk into the office or into class. A really light distressed sweater or sheer top is great to provide some coverage, but staying cool. The issue you face in this situation in professionalism, which obviously dress for the environment.

2. Blue Jeans, "Dad Shoes" & Band Tees

I have a pair of blue jeans from Zara that I absolutely adore. They are high waisted a loose fitting so they are great for any top. They are on the thicker side, being made of real denim is why that happens. However, when paired with some clunky sneakers, now known as "dad shoes," they provide the perfect amount of coverage for the rain. Throw in a simple tee and there you have it, a cute yet casual outfit.

3. Long Dresses with Combat Boots

This truly is one of my signature looks or with tennis shoes because I hate mainstream femininity. This is the look for the peeps who want to feel the breeze between their legs, but don't want to wear booties or tall boots.

Since, the rain has come it has not stopped for very long and it is still hot as hell outside. So throw on that cute maxi dress you have not worn since 2013, pair it with some combat boots and you are in the game. Obviously accessorize as much as you like, the fashion icon Iris Apfel has said the more the merrier. Fashion isn't meant to be boring.

4. Cami, Long Sleeve and Midi Skirt

A classic pull from the grudge era of fashion, if done correctly this look can be great. You will need a light cami, something v-neck dainty looking. It will not work with a plain cami with no lace or any kind of design. For the long sleeve it needs to be either form fitting or only a size up. If you put a huge long sleeve underneath, the draping around your armpits will be off.

As for the skirt, I recommend whatever comes mid leg for you. It does not have to be categorized as a midi, if you are thrifting this look then look at long skirts you can cut. I personally have one that is black with a double slit and it goes