What Will Fashion Look Like Post Covid-19?

A wildly debated topic amongst the fashion community is what will be the lasting effects on the industry? What will fashion look like post-Covid-19? The answers are, we don't know. There are a number of outcomes that we can reach by the end of this and for eco-progressives like me, we are hoping a major one is a greater move towards sustainability. There have been people like Stella McCartney who are trying to pioneer the way for more sustainable practices.

A number of resell sites and apps are already at the forefront of this movement like Farfetch, The Real Real, Depop, Poshmark, ThredUp, and the long timer eBay. Whose major goals are primarily, all the same, to sell second-hand items for what they are or possibly upcycled. So what does that mean for brands that are fast fashion or luxury? Fast fashion retailers have been on the decline for years and many of them filing for bankruptcy i.e Forever21, Charlotte Russe, etc. People simply do not want to buy cheaply made products simply because it is deemed trendy. As one of the original consumers of fast fashion, you simply get tired of things ripping or breaking every two seconds.

In a panel I was able to attend a trade show back in 2017 with Iris Apfel where she emphasizes the quality or quantity and the same goes for brands. There are a number of things people consider when purchasing any item, but what she stressed about what the name of the brand should not be the most important. In our present society, we value brand recognition over quality or even presentation. This is how brands like Supreme have been able to stay alive for a number of years. I call this the "clout consciousness," a state of mind that leads the consumer to really only follow certain trends.

Just search for any hashtag that is circulating on any platform. On tik tok earlier today I saw a girl who had literally every Kylie Kosmetics product ever. (I need this for dramatic effect) She wanted to make sure the viewer knew that she was not receiving any PR from the company, she simply LOVES KYLIE. Now go on to imagine how this can be a collective way of thinking; Kylie's products are made by the same mother company as Colourpop. Which was a huge scandal when a plethora of beauty influencers pointed out ingredient-wise there was little to no difference. The only real difference being the price point of both products.

With that pandemic going full steam and taking over Milan during fashion month has led key figures asking themselves the same questions as the rest of us. Who is going to make it out of this the most unscathed? And most importantly will this be the push industry leaders need to be more sustainable? Honestly, if this doesn't do it a lot of retailers will see themselves closing up shop because the revolution is in full swing.