Where to #BUYBLACK: Luxury Edition

Updated: Jan 19

When you think luxury you think of going to the Chanel atelier in Paris, France, or even stopping into Gucci as a fresh glass of champagne appears. With COVID-19 controlling most in-person shopping most consumers have turned to online shopping to get their fixes. There are a number of Black-owned luxury brands that exist and deserve just as much clout as the rest. So here are 10 #BUYBLACK luxury brands that you need in your closet today:


A menswear turned everyone wear luxury brand hit the stage back in 2014 as the birth child of Grace Wales Bonner. The brand is a self-described as a "distinct notion of luxury, via a hybrid of European and Afro-Atlantic approaches." The latest features a plaid pleated skirt, chic sweater vests, and plush shearling scarves.

Price: $$$


Cute small-business looking to serve luxury looks at a friendly price point. Shy Diva Co. is your new best friend who has all the cute little bags. With their latest release of cow print purses selling out, the brand is growing. These bags can spice up any outfit with ease. The collection also features sunglasses, headbands, and more.

Price: $


Founder and Creative Director Aurora James has amassed a plethora of success with her handmade luxury brand. She alongside commissioned artisans around the world creates unique frocks, chic earrings, hand-crafted mugs, etc. The website is broken into three sections separating the designer's clothes from her "bodega," consisted of curated products, and the "special something" subscription box. A little something for every kind of shopper.



The iconic shopping bag rose to fame amidst the pandemic when the conversation of Black luxury started. Since the brand has continuously sold out, had to implement a bag security program, and taken social media by storm. Although they do also make du-rags, belts, earrings, and this fall an exclusive shoe line. Where the nonbinary powerhouse will venture to next, we will just have to see.

Price: $-$$


A multi-medium exclusive boutique brand whose creator Kerby Jean-Raymond has created a neverending "art project." The brand offers masks, printed tees, gowns, jackets, coats, and more. The eclectic brand strives to tantalize all the senses with its work and the website captures just that. Also, it is unapologetically Black.

Price: $$-$$$


Inspired by African tradition this little contemporary purse brand is just the pop you need for any outfit. Not only do they make the little trendy leather bags, but they also have beaded bags and handwoven basket bags. These pieces are also giving back to the communities they are sourced from.

Price: $-$$


Cushnie by Carly Cushnie is a long time favorite being founded in 2008. The feature photo is Zendaya in their pre-fall line and has even styled Michelle Obama. A versatile queen is one we love and need. The fall line features tight silhouettes, puffed cap arms, and draping. If you have anywhere you need to be this is the brand you need to be in.

Price: $$$


This travel luxury bag brand is your next flight or road-trip companion. Tony Dennis co-founder of Tote N'Carry wanted to bring luxury, art, and fashion that highlights the innovation and creativity that comes from the Black community. The site features travel totes, crossbody, fashion vests, and wallets. With a vast selection of bag options, you are next to find to find one that speaks to you, did I mention they have colors?

Price: $$-$$$


A high-end athleisure and leisure brand that is a young Hollywood favorite. With collaborations with Off White, Nike, and even Nasa, Preston exudes creative vision. The latest line features graphic painted button-downs, signature Heron Preston belts, and exclusive collaborations with brands like Levis.

Price: $$-$$$


An inclusive luxury brand that features sizes zero to twenty. While most people are featuring their fall lines, Hanifa is focusing on resort wear in bright hues of turquoise, lime, royal purple, and white. The featured photo of Gabrielle Union in one of their latest releases that looks like the ocean mirrored sky. The line houses swimwear, pantsuits, and luxurious gowns. Begging you to grab your bags and go somewhere exotic.

Price: $$-$$$

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