Where to #BUYBLACK: Luxury Edition

Updated: Jan 19

When you think luxury you think of going to the Chanel atelier in Paris, France, or even stopping into Gucci as a fresh glass of champagne appears. With COVID-19 controlling most in-person shopping most consumers have turned to online shopping to get their fixes. There are a number of Black-owned luxury brands that exist and deserve just as much clout as the rest. So here are 10 #BUYBLACK luxury brands that you need in your closet today:


A menswear turned everyone wear luxury brand hit the stage back in 2014 as the birth child of Grace Wales Bonner. The brand is a self-described as a "distinct notion of luxury, via a hybrid of European and Afro-Atlantic approaches." The latest features a plaid pleated skirt, chic sweater vests, and plush shearling scarves.

Price: $$$


Cute small-business looking to serve luxury looks at a friendly price point. Shy Diva Co. is your new best friend who has all the cute little bags. With their latest release of cow print purses selling out, the brand is growing. These bags can spice up any outfit with ease. The collection also features sunglasses, headbands, and more.

Price: $