Where to #BUYBLACK: Cosmetics

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

With corporations only getting richer, it is evident that people must start supporting small and local businesses to see the money they put in actually benefit their community. There are small brands owned by Black women around the country that could use some love. Black women are among the least represented groups when it comes to representation to the executive and c-suite levels in companies. I.e. start supporting these brands to build-up and support those out here trying to make it for themselves.

This is the beginning of our new column #BUYBLACK where we are going to feature the best products we can find for you! First up skincare and makeup:

@Rosenskincare is an ance skincare brand, whose main goals are to deliver great results with clean ingredients. The founder herself has dealt with her own skin journey and wanted to bring a little something special to the industry.

This luscious brand is known for its Rose Water Face Dew and Earth Cleanser. On the website, they even have a quiz for you to take to help in your skincare journey.


@SkinButtr is a lush affordable beauty brand created by model Tatiana Elizabeth. The purpose of the brand is to build confidence and love the skin you're in. The products range from suave butters to yummy scrubs and everything is vegan.

She also offers sets to try a variety of products including the skincare line. Not only has this brand gotten amazing reviews but it is a quality offered at a great price point.

Price: $

@Glowrxskin categorizes themselves as multicultural, vegan skincare. The entire brand came to life when Dr. Lorraine Beraho decided she would focus on skincare for Millennials and Gen Z.